May 26, 2019 | Rev. Kerry Carson

Getting Stronger

Colossians 2:6-7

"(6) You accepted Christ Jesus as Lord, so continue to life following Him. (7) You must depend on Christ only, drawing life and strength from Him. Just as you were taught the truth, continue to grow stronger in your understanding of it. And never stop giving thanks to God."

Prayer for Illumination

Getting Stronger

1. Christian Faith Illustrated

a) Demonstration Defined
b) Matthew 5:16
c) Living Transparently

2. Exclusive Representation for Christ

a) THE Source of Strength and Life
b) Continued Use Increases Strength
c) Not Magical, but Real Life Answer

3. Non-Stop Thanksgiving

a) Keeps Us Focused in the Right Place
b) Benefits of Non-Stop Thanksgiving
c) Confidence in Him = No Pressure

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