Feb 18, 2021 | Rev. Kerry Carson

This Tired Old Land

Hi, and thanks for joining me today on a 'Walk of Faith'!

I've been studying recently about how God is in the restoration business. God goes through a period of time where he allows difficulties in life and then brings his people back to their homeplace to reestablish the relationship with them and provides for them following their time of need.

An example of this kind of passage for us comes from Psalm 68 starting at verse nine. So let me share a couple verses with you and then we can talk about how they apply to our situation today. David writes:

"God, you sent the rain to make a tired old land strong again. Your people came back to live there and you provided good things for the poor. My Lord gave the command and many people went to tell good news."

And of course the good news that they had to share was that God had brought them back from Egypt to the Promised Land where they were able to settle and dwell in the land that God had promised them through his covenant with Abraham. And then when they were in exile God brought them back to restore Jerusalem and Israel back to its former self and reestablish it as a nation. 

And so God continued to be faithful in keeping his part of the covenant with his people even when they failed to hold up their end of the bargain and paid the consequences for their disobedience in breaking covenant with God. 

As we think about life today and all of the stresses and strains that we are going through, I take great courage from passages like this, like Psalm 68. That we can pray the same sort of prayer that David prayed: that God will bring whatever sort of rain is necessary to make a tired old land strong again. Even tired old people like me.

When God calls us to return and provides good things for us in that return as well as opportunities we have to share our lives with those who are less fortunate enough than us, we have a great opportunity in front of us and something to look forward to as we get to the light at the end of the tunnel with the pandemic and we think about most of our population getting vaccinated and being able to function a bit more like what we think of as normal. 

Hopefully we will have the same spirit of excitement and willingness to go and share with others what God is continuing to do for us, in keeping us in the palm of his hand. 

So take courage from these ancient words that David penned so many years ago because they still apply and ring true today for us.

As always take care and God bless!

~ Pastor Kerry

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