Feb 11, 2021 | Rev. Kerry Carson

Walk the Talk

Hi, and thanks for joining me on a 'Walk of Faith'!

We are currently spending some time in the New Testament letter of 1 John toward the end of the Bible and a letter that was written toward the end of the early church talking about the need for living with integrity, our life of faith. 

I'd like to share with you just a couple of verses from chapter one starting at verse five:

"We have heard the true teaching from God and now we tell it to you. God is light and in him there is no darkness. So if we say that we share in life with God but we continue living in darkness, we are liars who don't follow the truth. We should live in the light where God is, and if we live in the light, we have fellowship with each other and the blood sacrifice of Jesus, God's son, washes away every sin and makes us clean."

You see, there's a unique sort of livability that comes with being in relationship with God through Jesus Christ. We are called to live differently than the world around us. And to live with integrity means we need to 'walk our talk'. That if we are claiming Christ as our Savior and Lord and celebrating the new life that we have in him, that life has the power to transform us and change our behaviors so that they are elevated up the standard that the rest of the world operates on.

We are to live with the kind of integrity that says, 'With Jesus at the core of our being, we treat one another differently than the rest of the world. We are honest and have integrity with one another. We can forgive one another and our behaviors are not trying to see what we can get away with in our daily lives, but rather what we can embrace and hold onto and call forth from one another.'

So you see, in today's world, this message still reigns true; that we are called to live into this light that is Jesus Christ. And when we do, we understand in a new way what the fellowship of the church is all about. That it's a life that we share with one another in Christ's body. And that Jesus' death and resurrection on the cross not only have implications for our eternal life, but they have specific importance for our daily lives while we're here on earth. 

How do we live into being a forgiven people where all of our sins are washed away through what Christ has done for us? And how do we treat one another in the same way? become the operative questions for our day. 

I'd like you to spend some time just thinking about that and seeing if there are ways you can make sure that as we live out our daily lives that the world sees Jesus in us through the conduct of our lives. 

Take care and God bless!

~ Pastor Kerry

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